Garden Carrots

    6-10 fresh washed carrots        
    1/2 stick butter
    kosher salt
    fresh cracked black pepper

    Slice the carrots as thinly as possible ( a food processor does this very nicely)   Melt
    the butter in a skillet over medium heat. Toss the carrots in, and use two spoons to  
    gently turn them in the butter  until they are coated. Press them into an even layer in
    the  pan. Let them cook for a little while, adding the salt and pepper over the top.
    After about 5-6 minutes, toss them again, and press them back down. Drizzle 2-3
    tbsp of honey over the top of the layer, let them cook just a bit longer, then toss
    them again. Repeat this until the carrots are the consistency you like. The longer
    they go, the more caramelized and sweeter they will be.
    Right before removing the carrots, cut the lemon in half and drizzle it over the carrots
    and stir in. These freeze great.