At Work and Hungry?
Looking for something you can take to work as a
healthy alternative to fast foods and vending
machine fare?  Hearty breakfasts and appetizing
lunches can be made easy. The indicated recipes all
can be portion-frozen and re-heated by microwave
without losing flavor
As we've gotten older, and been forced by health to modify
our diets, we've adapted to some new methods of shopping,
cooking, and consumption. Each of the icons below link to
areas that discuss the whys and hows of various processes.
We know that the hardest part of eating right is time, so a lot
of what we present here is about time savers, but also cost
factors and how to maximize your purchases come into play.
Where do I find the time?
Most everyone can agree that making a quality meal
with nutritious ingredients can be very time
consuming. To cook from scratch every evening after
a full day of work is not my favorite thing to do.
Here are some of the processes we use to make it
Methods & Timesavers
(Links will be added shortly)
Menus and Lists
Part of money efficiency in preparing meals is
making shopping lists and planning menus that
utilize all of the purchases. Here are examples of
common ingredients that need be prepared only
once, then can be used in several recipes.  
Eating Healthy and Tasty
As a type I diabetic, in our 50's and less active, and
the budget getting crunched, we've needed to figure
out  how to get away from easy processed foods,
restaurant costs, and fast food carbs. We'll
introduce just a bit about how easy proper nutrition
can be, and a
lot about portion control.