We've been a bit derelict here, with so much time and energy
focused on the business and day jobs. At some point we may let
this endeavor slip away, as it does take money and time to maintain,
and it isn't a very high priority since there's not an audience that
will come forward to socialize here. Even so, that's a decision for
another day - just being aware that push come to shove, there's
only 24 hours in a day.

We are transforming Hedge Wizards into something a little larger
and more varied, in order to include many interests at one time. We
envision Four Points Trading Company as something along the
lines of the old-fashioned Emporium, where browsing on back
shelves and in crowded cabinets, different and surprising items are
found. You'll still find the soap and body products, (always
tinkering with those!) but we've discovered a wonderful group of
glass artisans in Oregon to hand-make our soap dishes, beautiful
and functional sequined fans just right for Texas summer days,  
and we have created our own line of jewelry, hand-made from
semi-precious stones,  glass, porcelain, and Czech fire-polished
crystal . We love tasty treats, as well, and will soon have those
listed. The nice thing will always be the prices - after looking at
marketing from the inside, there is plenty of room to wriggle when
wanting to introduce a special discovery at wallet-friendly costs.

Anyway - that's the reason (no excuse!) for the loss of focus here.